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Before Leaving for Hajj

There are things that should be done by the person who intends to perform Hajj before leaving:
1- To make sure he, or she, learns the most important things about Hajj by reading books, going to seminars and workshops for training pilgrims. Otherwise, he, or she, can arrange a study session with the Imam of the community to help him, or her, understand the major points as shown in the obligatory actions, then the Sunnahs…etc., 
2- To leave enough money to cover the living costs for the family in his, or her, absence and to arrange with trustworthy relatives and friends to be there for assistance if needed. 
3- To make sure that the money used for Hajj trip is earned in a Halaal way.
4- To leave a written bequest with necessary details in case the pilgrim dies and never makes it back home.
5- To let the spouse know about the decision to go for Hajj and talk about it.
6- To make sure that the Ihraam garb and slippers are with him, or her, before reaching the Miqaat unless the pilgrim is going first to Madinah.
7- To make du'aa before leaving and during the trip such as in this following hadith: 

Ibn 'Umar (r) related that when the Messenger (S) used to ride his camel for a journey, he used to say: "Allahu Akbar!" three times and then say, "Glory to Him Who has subjected these to our (use), for we could never have accomplished this (by ourselves)." O Allah! We ask you in this trip piety and taqwah and to do the best of deeds that you are pleased with. O Allah! Make this trip easy for us and shorten the length of its distance. O Allah! You are the Companion in the trip and the One looking after our family. O Allah! We revert to You from the difficulties of the trip, the grief and depression, and from finding the property and the family in a bad sate when we return." Ibn 'Umar added: and when he returned from a trip he used to say the same thing and add, " we are coming back repenting to Allah, worshipping Him, and grateful to Him!" [Muslim, at-Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Ahmad, and ad-Daarimi]


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