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 2 Weeks Hajj Package 1441/2020

Dates from: July 23 - Aug 05, 2020

Early Booking Means Best Planning

FROM USD$14,100 (all inclusive)


  • MADINAH: 4 Nights in Hilton Madinah (5 Stars)
  • MAKKAH: 4 Nights in Fairmont Hotel Makkah (5 Stars)
  • MINA: 5 Nights in Deluxe Exclusive Mina Camp
    (in front of the Jamarat)
  • ARAFAT: 1 Day in Deluxe Dar El Salam Arafat Camp Arafat
  • JEDDAH: 1 Night in Jeddah Hotel

                                 Best 5 ***** 
Experience & Services 
                                Flights Arrangements 
& Food

                 Package and Private Upgraded Camp
Provided by Darel Salam Travel 
                                                     (Over 35 years Experience)                  


  • Access to the Dar El Salam’s Exclusive Mina Camps, located right across from the Jamarat; the air-conditioned Mina pre-fabricated units are constructed with drywall for added privacy and comfort
  • Foam mattress sofa bed accommodations in your Mina unit
  • Private Dar El Salam air-conditioned furnished tents in Arafat camp


  • Breakfast and dinner buffets will be provided in the 5-star hotels
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets will be provided in Mina
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided in Arafat

As well as these core features and services:

  • Dedicated assigned agent throughout the booking process as well as a dedicated group leader for your Hajj trip
  • Hajj tutorial sessions prior to your trip through a variety of webinars, live video sessions, conference calls, the Dar El Salam Hajj forum, and in-person seminars
  • Dedicated qualified Imams in each program to provide you spiritual guidance throughout your trip
  • Worry-free Dar El Salam luggage management & transportation
  • Medically qualified staff available for general assistance
  • Dedicated barbers are available at the Mina camp
  • Efficient Dar El Salam team and staff members are available to assist you anytime

Dar El Salam provides you with the following:

  • Educational Hajj materials prior to trip
  • Ihram for male pilgrims
  • Prayer rug for female pilgrims
  • Zam Zam water to bring back home
  • Dar El Salam Backpack for your convenience
  • Dar El Salam drawstring shoe bag

Included in this package

  • Hajj drafts fees
  • Sacrifice ($150)
  • Domestic flights

More Details of Program will be posted soon insha Allah!

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