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Required Travel Documents for Hajj

  1. 2 passport size photographs for each passenger
  2. Completed application forms with signature for each passenger*
  3. Original passports valid for a minimum of six months from date of departure. (Original & Copy)
  4. Non Citizens need to submit a certified copy of the permanent residence card
  5. Vaccination booklet showing vaccination against Meningitis (ACYW135)**
    Booklet must be stamped and signed by authorized doctor
  6. For couples traveling together, please provide a certified copy of marriage certificate (or any legal document showing both husband and wife)
  7. For parents and children traveling together, please provide a copy of birth certificate for each child (long Canadian or American birth Cert.) or any legal document showing parent children relationship such as immigration...etc.,
  8. 1 Bank Draft in the amounts of 1029 Saudi Riyal payable to: “Unified Agents Office in Jeddah” (Original & Copy)
  9. For ladies traveling without Mahram, You must fill up a Mahram consent form and have it notarized by a notary public or a lawyer.

    * Visa application required for each member of family traveling.
    ** Vaccination taken during the last 3 years is fine. Please make sure to take your health certificate with you on the trip.

Hajj Visa Form 1433

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